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The Bluedorns welcome you to Trivium Pursuit. Here are resources to apply Christian classical education to homeschooling.

Ten Things to do with Your Child Before Age Ten

There is more than one legitimate way to approach classical education. In this chapter from our book Teaching the Trivium, we explain how to put the principles of the trivium into practice...(keep reading)

The Transformation of Classical Education

In our culture, government school has somehow become the default setting for education, while homeschooling is considered an alternative for special situations. We don't need to discuss how this came about...(keep reading)

Newspaper Logic

Have you ever read something you knew was wrong and just felt frustrated about it? It didn’t make sense, but you couldn’t explain why? Recently an Ohio newspaper, the Akron Beacon Journal, printed a series of articles attacking...(keep reading)

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Eκκλησiα is the Greek word which is commonly translated “church” in English Bibles, but Eκκλησiα is more properly translated gathering, meeting, congregation, or assembly. This study covers 118 uses of the word Eκκλησiα in the Greek text of the New Testament. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 in Acrobat PDF.

Articulos en Espanol

El proceso de aprendizaje cae naturalmente en estos tres caminos de progresión. En términos de una computadora, el conocimiento es la entrada de la data, la inteligencia es el procesamiento...(keep reading)

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Oh Gentle Knight by N.C. Wyeth published/created 1922